August 29, 2015

Fever and dehydration do not mix. Even if you’re a strapping seventeen year old athlete. Even if you think you’re immune to the health vulnerabilities the rest of us mortals deal with. Even if you’re quite used to a certain standard of self abuse in the form of lack of sleep, a random diet, and chronic over exertion.

Dehydration catches up to you.

So that, on top of the deliriousness of your high fever, you may get dizzy, you may get disoriented, you may loose control of your limbs, you may collapse on the floor.

Which is super scary!!!  For you and your parents. Maybe especially your parents.

So tonight was spent in the ER.


About four hours, anyway, in the reasonably quiet wee hours of the Kaiser Vacaville ER. Peter was hooked up to an IV and administered several bags of a rehydrating solution. He also had a chest XRAY and a blood test. They determined he has a mild case of pneumonia on top of the flu. Antibiotics, a very effective fever reducer, and some strong words from the medical staff, made for a very productive visit.

All’s well that ends well.

And we all know a little bit more about the importance of hydrating.