Air Travel’s For the Birds

August 28, 2015

Humans suffer too much.

Here’s the score:

Flight from San Francisco to Stavanger, via Copenhagen:

Kari gets bug. Manifests initially as a seemingly benign, if slightly coy, cough, but which, by Switzerland, 10 days later, at the height of the hiking portion of the trip, fully inhabits her and she is down, hard, for the count. Full on flu with all the trimmings. 

Switzerland, day four, she finally sees a kindly Swiss doctor in the remote, carless Alpian (Alpian?) town of Wengen, gets three Rx’s and life soon turns around. Remainder of trip is at full throttle. 

Fight from Paris to San Francisco, via Copenhagen:

Kari gets another bug. Jim gets a bug. Peter gets a bug. Kari goes down first, with two days, and counting, of nasty flu symptoms. Jim’s ramping up. As of today, Peter’s now down for the count… came home from school with fever, chills, aches, the whole enchilada. 


We have now, since, compiled a list of precautions for future flights–because it’s not like you can’t fly–crowd-sourced from our respective online communities:

  1. Emergent-C + Airborne + orange juice, whipped into a thick, viscous nutrient-rich cocktail. Consume with relish (not the pickle kind).
  2. Have on hand a mini can of Lysol and/or lots of antiseptic wipes to swab down surfaces you will come in contact with on the plane.
  3. Also, use those antiseptic gels and wipes to keep hands clean.
  4. And wash your hands often and often.
  5. Pound those fluids. Fluids, fluids, fluids.
  6. Maybe even wear a mask! Why not? Just to show them you’re serious about enjoying your vacation once you’re off this flying germ factory…it’s not about vanity, baby!
  7. Get lots of sleep; do not let travel exhaustion weaken your reserves for fighting the inevitable bug exposure. Before, during and after those long journeys. Sleep!
  8. Matt even suggested having on hand a broad spectrum antibiotic… just in case.

Because who wants to lose valuable hiking days in the middle of a hiking vacation.

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