The Rolls Are Risen

April 5, 2015

Good Easter to all who celebrate.

The closest we came to things rising this year was a batch of cinnamon rolls (see below for a photographic step-by-step). Nothing else really rises for us on Easter, which has to do with Jim’s having left the Catholic church long ago, and my never having attached to any church. If anything, Easter for us is a celebration of Spring (to the extent the Frame boys need a thematic grounding to any holiday) and I can totally get behind themes of rebirth and renewal, because I always love a good reset, and am always ready to mark the start and end of anything. And chocolate; we can all get behind chocolate.

In the past, egg hunts gave Easter Sunday a nice focus. We used to participate in some doozie egg hunts with friends, we’ve gone to some pretty good family egg hunts, and most years we also threw in some clever clue-driven hunt for a special basket for Peter (I say WE, but it’s usually ME who orchestrates these because I’m the one with angst about providing Peter with rich traditions to fill his memory bank; Jim’s always like, whatever).  We’ve managed to cobble together enough activity to make Easter feel appropriately and predictably and comfortably Eastery (at least for she who worries about such things).

There has been a year or two when Peter was technically beyond the egg hunt and for some reason the Frames didn’t gather…. which left us a little rudderless (and full of Kari angst). Like last year.. which I wrote about here.

But this was not one of those years.

This year, we joined a significant percentage of the Dean Frames for an afternoon potluck brunch on Snake Road. Afterward, Jim, Peter and I visited Aunt Anita at her residence at Piedmont Gardens. And those both felt good. Duly, respectfully, adequately celebratory.

And… because I had to, I crafted a small hunt for Peter. Just because. Kid’s gotta hunt. It’s Easter. And, at 16, I was glad to see he had to work for it just a little (a clue inside a small camo egg, inside a large multicolored wicker egg, took him to a place “where notes soar,” and there he found a small bag-o-organic jelly beans and pastel-colored chocolate things). A token nod to a somewhat random and confused little tradition. This satisfied me, and satisfied him (see chocolate comment above). All good.

Anyway. Cinnamon Rolls were our contribution to brunch. A bit over-the-top rich, and I might cut down on some of the butter next time, but good enough and a ton better than past attempts at Hot Cross Buns.

The dough has flour, yeast, egg, cream*, sugar. Here’s Jim kneading it…

(* The recipe called for milk, but why not gild the lily, right? Besides all we had was nonfat milk.)


While Jim kneaded, I watched, drank coffee, took pics.. you know… IMG_5975_2

After about an hour and a half, the dough’s doubled and can be punched down then rolled out. Here he’s spreading butter on the rolled out dough (a lot of butter):


Then sprinkle sugar and cinnamon mixture:


And some chopped, roasted pecans:


Then you roll it up:


Cut it into about twelve pieces:


And lay in dish to rise again:


They look like this after about 45 minutes (See the little puffer bellies, all in a row.. is what I was thinking):


They bake for 30 minutes, until golden brown. When slightly cooled, you spread with a butter & powdered sugar frosting. Done!


These are a bit deadly. These were very gooey and super heavy because of all the butter. Tasty enough though. Just make sure you drink lots of hot tea and only eat fruits and vegetables for about a week afterward.

The other really lovely thing about today: it RAINED. Poor, poor California is so drought-striken I’m not sure we’ll ever recover (that is a real source of legitimate angst). But we got a little shower today, which goes right to the themes of newness, growth, rebirth, and renewal right?

Here’s a shot taken at the start of our commute.. the usual traffic slow down in Dixon.. HDRified.


One Response to “The Rolls Are Risen”

  1. basykes Says:

    Must. Make. Cinnamon. Rolls.

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