Season’s Greetings

April 6, 2015

Today was the official start of the Varsity baseball season. Yeah, Peter’s been playing with the Varsity team since last summer, played with Varsity all through the fall, played four scrimmages and another twelve pre-season games this spring… but today was the first Varsity league game.

An excuse for yet another baseball picture!

This one was taken a few weeks back by one of the fancy Enterprise photographers at their Clark Field game. I actually have the rights to use this one because I laid down good money for it ($9 for a lo-res digital photo file). I love it because it’s Peter and Daniel doing their hands on hips thing.

Gotta love ’em.


Just so you know, Davis lost its first league game. Close, 5-4 against a formidable Franklin. Went extra innings (a full eight)… and we were within one strike of winning TWICE in the bottom of the seventh.

Our pitchers were great–Walter, Tyler and Daniel–who collectively threw a LOT of strikes (nearly 70%!). That’s what you have to do…and let your defense work for you. Some hits are just going to get through, and that’s what did it this game (13 hits for Franklin).  This one was not as sloppy as some in the pre-league season have been, and our guys were hitting finally (we got a respectable eight hits). So… you know. We meet Franklin again on Wednesday.

And thus it begins.

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