Oh, Davis..

April 4, 2015

.. how I do adore you.

So, it’s Saturday morning.  Jim and I walk over to the Farmer’s Market, as we do. We see a folk-or-two we know en route, as usual. I happen to know the group we pass at the corner of Third and C is a regular Saturday morning breakfast group from the bike club.

Jim bears off at Crepeville to get his iced tea, and I continue on to Mishka’s to get coffee. We’ll meet back at the park.  I’m planning to get a poppyseed muffin (you don’t say), but then see the chocolate donut that Sinisa posted about on Facebook–a weekend-only homemade specialty of theirs–and I get all excited about that, so order it.. before realizing Wait, I don’t have any money I’ll have to come back.

The guy behind me hears this, waves his credit card and says he’ll cover me. I’m so pleased! I ask if I may add a cafe au lait (bold, I know), and he says sure. We talk, we discover we’re both Mishka’s regulars, he’s a grad student in civil engineering (from Spain, it sounds like) and I make a mental note to seek him out at a future date to return the favor.

But wow. I’m all warm inside. I’m all I’m paying this forward!  I get it, this is how it works. I bounce out of the cafe. Happy.

On my way to the park, I stop off at Newbeat to tell Derrick I loved his review of Two Days, One Night. He’s not there. I continue on, past Compassion Corner–I always feel a special connection–and into the park where I encounter Lawson on the left and Joe on the right, both well known park/downtown fixtures, one promoting the Spare Changer, the other..  not ever sure. Further into the park, I see Ken Kemmerling (who played at our wedding eighteen-plus years ago), David Cary and another woman playing some wonderful music; I see a guy I dated thirty-five years ago, with his wife whom I also know, looking on.

Andy calls my name. Nice to see him! I tell him I have a Skype meeting with his daughter Margaret today at noon to discuss a project we are working on together. You do?! We talk about a lot of stuff, but the funny thing that comes up is the fact we both drive for the IRWS (Interfaith Rotating Winter Shelter)–he in the evenings, me in the mornings. You drive for the shelter? So do I!

I join Jim on the bench. We debrief the last twenty minutes. I tell him about this..


…and I’m looking at this (on this, the day before Easter)…


… and I’m thinking… Oh, Davis.

4 Responses to “Oh, Davis..”

  1. Wes Young Says:

    Yea for international students!

  2. Kari Says:


  3. Elliot Margolies Says:

    Connected! Healthy. And chocolate. Does it get better?

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