Non Cable Viewing at its Finest

September 26, 2014

Watching TV is incredibly hard these days. Not because there’s nothing to watch, but because it’s become too complicated.  Especially if you’ve decided, as we have, that the greedy, unethical cable companies have screwed the consumer just one time too many and you’re never, ever giving them another penny.

It’s probably good that it’s so hard. God knows, I love great TV and would watch more than I’d really want to were it easier.

So… Netflix, Roku and over-the-air broadcast are our media sources of choice.  And we live with that.

We subscribe to MLB TV, which, while they also suck and can’t seem to do anything right, we can still get some games some of the time.  Most of the times we can’t… but we were able to see Derek Jeter’s last game in Yankee Stadium. Might be his last game, unless he decides to play the Yankees’ last road games. Who knows… don’t follow it that closely.

Jeter’s retirement and the mania surrounding it, like all overhyped media events, has jumped the shark, but the guy’s still a class act, a great role model, a great player and deserves a whole lot of the attention he’s getting right now.

Here’s how we watched the last few innings of last night’s kinda epic swan song (if it wasn’t a totally scripted set-up… which it may have been..we may never know). “Come into my office you guys, pull up a workout bench and watch my computer with me!” Even ate [too many] salted cashews and drank a nut brown ale.

That’s sports viewing, man.


A close up the star himself:


ICYMI (as they say): The Yankees were ahead 5-2 going into the final inning. The Orioles, who’ve already secured a spot in the playoffs and didn’t really need a win here, hit two home runs in the top of the inning, one with a runner on, and tied the game, forcing a bottom inning.  The Yankee lead-off batter got on, the second guy bunted him into scoring position and then Jeter was up. He’s trying not to cry, the stadium is deafening, the announcers have wet their pants a million times already, it’s all so perfect. He swings at the first pitch (a slow one right down the middle… I mean… really?) and hits a grounder into right. The runner on second just beats the throw to home and scores, giving the Yankees a 6-5 lead, ending the game. Jeter’s last at-bat at home is a walk-off single.  Pretty storybook. Tears all around, man hugs everywhere, dozens of jumping up and down guys, and Gatorade, ice-bucket style. Kah-razy.

Lots of fun, and we’re not even Yankee fans.

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