Composted Like a Boss

September 24, 2014

My new favorite part of gardening day: sitting on the second floor deck of the soon-to-be garden shed, admiring our work.




Not that I didn’t love moving compost piles from one place to another and re-layering them for maximum decomposition. That was totally fun. Uh huh.

This is Frances working the piles:


Basically, we’re moving the piles from one place to another, then wetting them and rebuilding them, mixing dry upper layers with wetter bottom layers (and trying to avoid creepy crawlers). We collected a respectable amount of the ripe and ready mulch, “black humus,” and spread it around areas of the garden that seemed needy.. like this spot where a fruit tree will be planted next January or so:



Also, harvested a whole bunch of those mini pumpkins from the volunteer mini-pumpkin plant (thank you seed-dropping birds of seasons past) and now have a fall-appropriate table centerpiece at the ready; deep watered the newly planted Meyer lemon; transplanted and sheered a very large chrysanthemum; and did a spot of weeding.

Totally earned some time on the deck.

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