A Bit Indian Summery

September 13, 2014

Such the week of ridiculously high temperatures and uncharacteristic humidity.  Makes for some pretty skies.

I’ve said it many times: the 100 degree days in September never distress me, unlike when they occur in April, or June, or August (or anytime inbetween). Those distress me plenty, but in September, the end of the 100 degree days is in sight and I just let them be.. no anxiety, no despair… relief is on the way.

Here are a few sky shots from today and yesterday..

Last night’s sunset over the house:


An early morning stop at Starbucks:


And three variations of the view along Road 31, on our way to get Solly and Matt before heading to Sac State for another game against Pleasant Grove.. about 7:15am.. which works for you? (You can just muse on this and answer to yourself, of course.)




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