September 11, 2014

It’s Thursday, which can mean only one thing: Throwback Thursday. Which can mean only one thing: dive into the archives and post & comment on an old photo (or five). What a relief.. because I have NO photos in my phone today.

(That’s a white lie: I took some of the half brown leaves on our front yard tulip tree to take in and show Don the nursery man… but a blog post that does not make.)

So, here’s what I got instead: HEAD LICE outbreak at Chavez, January 2008.

Why not. Here goes….

First, off comes the hair. Ow, Dad!


Let me do it:


I hate head lice (but someone thinks I look cool anyway):


Those micro nits are hard to pick out, need to cut a little more… going for the convict look:


But it did grow out and look pretty good a couple months later:


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