View From the Upper Deck

September 3, 2014

Getting our little house in order… the one that used to be a two-story play structure for Peter in the backyard.  Jim built it in 2002 and for maybe five or six years it got some pretty good use.  We are now repurposing it.

What was once the ground floor sandbox will now be enclosed and function as a garden shed. The sand was removed last spring and used in grading the new flagstone path.  It may take a little time before this project really grabs Jim’s attention, but I’m persistent. We’ll need the shed once the raised bed is built… another project vying for limited time and attention.

The second floor used to be a fun hangout place for kids, as well as the launch pad for the slide; it will now serve as a hangout for big people… probably mostly me. Frances and I admired our gardening today from the “upper deck.” It was awesome…. peaceful, breezy, cool, and great views. Only thing missing was a beer.

The structure: 


It hides pretty well, but can be seen from the house:


The upper deck: 




Looking down on the hammock. The hammock actually, presently, attaches to one of the posts… though it’s going to move because it also hangs right over the path.. we can’t have that! 







It is all coming right along…   all according to plan.  

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