Over and Under

April 18, 2014

So I guess I can now call myself a real Davisite.  For the first time, made my way up and over the Dave Pelz Bicycle Overcrossing.


Which gives you a great view of Interstate 80, which was looking pretty mellow and peaceful from way up there:


(We do live in flattown.)


Dizzy yet?

Embarrassed to admit, I had no idea where one accessed the overcrossing, and no idea where I’d come out, but both were incredibly convenient to my beginning and ending points (Hoffman’s Automotive on the north side and Davis Swim and Fitness on the south).

I was also amazed by how many runners and bikers I came across making the same trip. Does absolutely everybody in town know about this thing?

And continuing my theme of community-built art in and around town, once done with my South Davis business, I headed home via the newly painted bicycle undercrossing:


It’s also a nice piece of colorful artwork (like its sister project at K and 4th):




This one’s shot inside, and that blur in the bottom-middle is a bike rider whizzing by.


It demonstrates one of the iPhone camera’s many limitations, but I like the effect anyway.



One Response to “Over and Under”

  1. Bev Says:

    Hey. I was a “real Davisite” years ago and didn’t even know it. Now I can’t bike any more so no more overpasses for me.

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