Community Built

April 17, 2014

I finally went over to the corner of 4th and K to check out the mandala-like street mural. It’s really pretty:



It was painted a couple of weeks ago in conjunction with the Community Built Association conference.  Here’s what that movement is about:

The Community Built Association’s goal is to further the theory and practice of involving volunteers in the design, organization and creation of community projects that reshape the physical environment. We recognize the human need for connectedness and are committed to the positive value of communities creating and strengthening themselves through cultural action.

They did a number of projects around town.. this one, a mural inside the bike tunnel over by the new shovel sculpture near Whole Foods, and some others.  Derek, the guy who helped with our compost and recent series of backyard projects, was involved in the conference.  It’s a thing. It sounds cool.

This particular community-painted art project was co-designed and lead by Mark Rivera whose work, increasingly, is all over town (murals, ceramic sculptures, ceramic murals).  I got to work with him on the Compassion Bench a year ago (the 1-year anniversary of its dedication is May 31).  He’s a treasure and has added so much to the vibrancy of Davis through his art and vision.

So, the one at 4th and K…

I took all my photos of this street art while riding around and around and through it on my bike. Here’s another shot I took just after I recovered my iPhone, which had sailed out of my hand while I tried to take a picture of the ground while balancing and framing the perfect pic. Not so perfect…you can see my shadow and bike basket.. but the colors are wonderful.




5 Responses to “Community Built”

  1. Totally love all the public art. The parking garage by the movie theater is awesome. The tunnel in the Arboretum looks great (Tom helped paint both!). The flowers on the road is one of my favs. Davis is awesome!

    • Kari Says:

      Right, the parking garage one, too. So much art. In a meeting tonight with David B, facilitator of the compassion bench, we talked about how even the bench is part of the community build movement, though it did not come officially under that umbrella.

  2. Elliot Margolies Says:

    The shadow doesn’t look like you. Imposter? Great public art.

    • Kari Says:

      It looks a little like a buddhist monk, huh? It is me, with a bike helmet and a sweatshirt. And shorts, but you can’t tell. Holding onto the handlebar w/ one hand, finger curled around the brake, and my iPhone w/ its slippery new case in the other.

  3. Bev Says:

    i have to get out and see these pieces!

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