60 Years

April 19, 2014

We celebrated the anniversary of Jim’s Aunt Annita and Uncle Dean today.  As the title gives away, it was their 60th. They hadn’t had a wedding cake back then, so their daughter Marie brought one for today’s celebration.


Here’s what’s fun about Jim’s aunt and uncle: His aunt is his mother’s sister, and his uncle is his father’s brother.  Two sisters married two brothers.  Jim’s parents married first and Dean and Annita married a few years later in, well, 1954.

Their wedding way back then was a pretty simple affair: Dean, Annita, Sonia (Jim’s mom), Jim (Jim’s dad) and Teresa (Jim’s sister, who was about 2 or 3 maybe) were the only people there. And the priest, who I heard today was defrocked shortly thereafter.  They were married in St. Leo’s church in Oakland, the same church where Jim was an altar boy and which also had a school where all the Frame kids went, at least through 8th grade.

In case I haven’t shared the story here, Sonia and Annita were born and raised in Brazil to parents who’d emigrated from France (I do believe). They were part of the somewhat sophisticated, aristocratic class, and it was on a vacation to California that Sonia met Jim (I think at an officers’ club dinner dance thing) and somewhere along the line Dean met Annita, but my knowledge of this part of the story is sketchy.)  So, in addition to being a weird two-brothers-marry-two-sisters thing, it’s also a very cross-cultural affair, made more pronounced by the fact the brothers came from [the not very cosmopolitan] Kansas.

Even more fun is that Jim’s parents had three kids and the other Frame family had five, all very close in age, and they grew up in the same neighborhood in Piedmont.  AND we enjoy them all. Jim’s sibs are farther away (like Idaho and New York far) and we don’t see them as often, but we get to see most of the other Frame kids (kids… sheesh, everyone’s in their 50s and two are now in their 60s).  So family gatherings are pretty fun. It’s all we get for family, since nobody else–on Jim’s or my side–lives in Davis.

Other fun facts:

  • My parents married in 1953, so they’d have celebrated their 61st this year — wow..
  • If Jim and I make it to our 60th, we will be 100 and 103.  Heh.. wish us luck. 


I’m also throwing in a cat picture, because this cat, Fat Butt, is just too wonderful. Not the best picture.. with an iPhone in low light (sunbeam notwithstanding) from across the room, cropped to maximize its bigness, but, it’s what I got:



2 Responses to “60 Years”

  1. Elliot Margolies Says:

    Viva la Frames!

  2. Very cool about the brother sister thing! Love Fat Butt! I should rename my big fat orange cat that!

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