My Kinda Friday

April 14, 2023

Jim and I, alternatingly, finally talked each other into a trip up the mountain yesterday to do some snowshoeing. That is: for weeks, I’d been all gung ho to experience California’s biggest snow in forever, and worked hard to make my case! As it got closer to leaving on the big train-car-grad-birthday trip, I started to feel like I was running out of time (I am not) to do all the stuff I gotta do before leaving (nothing). Now it was Jim’s turn to talk me into it. Which was not a hard sell.

So we went.

Remember: always say yes. ALWAYS SAY YES.

Anyway. Simple, easy.. and a spectacular day.

Some snow shots. There was a lot of snow. This is the Old Donner Pass Road.. (we’d inadvertently detoured along the lake and double-backed up I-80 to the snopark.. a worthwhile detour).

One of many views of Donner Lake we’ll get today.. this was from the Old Donner Pass Rd. Parts of the lake are still frozen.

I feel like this is the railroad track I’ll be on in a few days.. as the California Zephyr makes its way from Davis to Ottumwa (and points before and beyond). But.. how can that be.. they seem covered in snow? I guess I’ll see come Wednesday…

Two nice shots of Donner Lake.. so so pretty… one with the tracks visible and the other just a nice water pic.

Jim had gotten a day pass (they probably never check, but it’s a good thing to have). We parked on a patch of dry road and walked back to the snopark area to find a way up and in. Best we could find was this…. about a 12′ vertical wall to ascend. Jim comfortable with this, me not so much. But did it. Climbed in snow shoes.. that was new. (We found a much better way to descend at the end of the day… a whole bunch of anxiety I could have done without! I thought all day about the end of the hike and how we’d have to either down climb or slide.. )

The hike up was BEAUTIFUL. Cold (high 30s) a small amount of wind at the top, bright, clear skies! The hike is about 1 mile, most of it is up, but not crazily so.. 400′ gain total. A good 60-minute workout.. warmed right up. Some views:

About mid-way…

It was great walking.. great snow.

At the top.. lake in background, probably Heavenly off to the right.

We saw not a soul, except families down at the snopark area. Saw a few cross country ski tracks.. some animal tracks. That was it.

A shot coming down… following our tracks back.

We tried a few places for lunch before we found TJ’s Roadhouse in Colfax. But before that, tried Rainbow Lodge, along the Yuba River (the pic below) and the Monte Vista in Dutch Flat.. both closed.

Great day. May make it an annual trek. Can’t be beat.

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