A Book Tour

March 11, 2023

So, I was reading the funnies this morning, as you do on a Sunday morning, and smiled sorta wryly at this one…

And it made me think of my little book disease. I buy, or otherwise acquire, books at an alarming rate. I hear about a book on NPR (and I write it down so I can order it), or someone tells me about a book (and I hunt it down and order it), or Amazon suggests I might like this or that book (and I click on it and then one-click pay for it), or I’m in Avid Reader and suddenly leaving with three or four books under my arm.

And I hardly ever read them. I mean I read some of them, but a very small percentage of the ones I buy.

I resisted for years (decades) joining a book group because I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to keep pace (nor choose my books). And now I’m in a book group (and struggle to keep up, but I’ve read more books this past year than in a long while).

All I EVER want to do is curl up with a book. It calls me ALL THE TIME. But I always have just one more thing I need to do before I feel like I have the time, and my decks clear enough, to relax into reading. That would require an hour or two. And I seem never to have that kind of time. Even though, truthfully, all I have is time. Tons of it. I WANT to be that person of leisure who’s seen sitting in a cafe reading a physical book. Nothing appeals more to me than that.


Can’t explain it. I want to read. Books and stories call me ALL THE TIME. I have a lifetime of books I could read without acquiring a single additional book. And yet.

So I came home this morning after finishing brunch at Bernardo’s (an absolute Sunday morning ritural) and took photos of all our book shelves. Shelves stuffed with books I need/want to read. Here they are…

In the living room, I’ve run out of space on the shelves and am stacking books at the moment…

These (above and below) are mostly fiction. There’s a shelf of just Davis authors, there’s a shelf of just Neil Stephensen (Jim’s favorite author). There’s a shelf of poetry, one for spiritual books.. etc.

Those above are mostly travel, recreational (like hiking, camping), or international stuff. There’s a shelf of nature books (including books by my grandpa and uncle. This is also where I keep yearbooks, photo books, etc.. not, thankfully, on the reading list.

Non fiction books, political books, biographies, memoirs.. a whole stack of Michael Pollen.

Comedy, humor, and I’ve forgotten what those are on bottom shelf.

Cookbooks, of course.

And in the pantry, more cookbooks.

Peter’s books (and thankfully, those aren’t on my reading list), but it’s all of his favorites, including the entire Calvin and Hobbes collection.

These really don’t count.. they’re also in Peter’s room and are mostly college texts.

And a door stop.

The horror of my office. No real books of interest here.. mostly parenting and baby books I couldn’t give away yet.. hanging on to them, you know.. in case someone decides to have kids…

I remember hauling boxes of books to the library for their give-aways or book sales some years ago.. so at least some go out the door. But these all have to remain because I aspire to read a huge percentage of them. I LOVE having books around. Love the possibilities they represent for mind opening, mind expanding, mind bending, mind relaxing.

Think of all the time I’d have if I didn’t blog. And especially if I didn’t blog about the books I’m not reading.

(Note: I wrote this on Sunday, but realized I hadn’t blogged on Saturday (really??). So backdated it to Saturday and wrote another for Sunday. Does anybody care about this detail? No, but I do, so I’m clarifying.)

2 Responses to “A Book Tour”

  1. blk4609 Says:

    I have never photographed our books. That would be confronting the problem. We did a big book purge for a library sale once, but it felt like a book burning and left bad feelings all around. Oh, you want to get rid of my books, not your books kind of thing.

    And then our sleeping hours were turned upside down so that I could no longer read in bed. I was convinced by my college roommate who is now a retired comparative literature professor to try reading a book on my tablet. And now I can no longer read a real book. It’s weird. I was a holdout for a very long time.

    So now I have masses of unread books on my tablet.

    laurie laurie.rollins3@gmail.com

  2. Kari Says:

    One of the funniest things is, I have a Kindle and I have a tablet. I have books on both. I had an account with Audible, as well, and just couldn’t keep up. As I told Wes, who responded privately to this post, I have a hard time with electronic books and audibles.. for a number of reasons, but one is I have to read with a pencil in my hand and make notes and underline.. it’s part of my process. I tried doing that w/ my Kindle (the making notes parts) but just too hard. Oh.. and the other funny thing: I LOST my tablet! It’s somewhere in the house, but I can’t find it… and Jim wants it. (Jim, who reads physical books AND Kindle books.)

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