Awards Shows

March 12, 2023

I love them. Or at least I make a point of never missing one. Lol.

I miss my mom, because it was always fun to either watch them with her, or talk to her while we were watching in our respective locations. She had good opinions. Loved movies. Loved fashion. All the good stuff. We would be snarky together.

Now I watch with Janet. Jim sometimes cooks for us and brings us our dinner as we are crammed into my office watching on the little TV. (Our big TV is actually Peter’s TV and is in his room, but it’s not hooked up to a broadcast signal.. so..). I set up the card table and we eat, drink wine, fill in our ballots, etc. Tonight we did Symposium take out, which was, of course, excellent.

I started watching a live feed of the red carpet on Youtube at about 3:00. The ceremony started at 5:00 and was 3 1/2 hours. Are you counting? That’s 5 1/2 straight hours of dresses, speeches and Jimmy Kimmel. And another couple hours following the show of reading commentary, looking at all the best- and worst-dressed lists, etc. If you must know, it’s about 1:00am and I’m still not in bed.. I only just emerged from my Oscar immersion.

Oh, wanna hear about the movies that won? You’ll have to read about it on your own. I have no interest. Not this year. I wasn’t a fan of any of them. We didn’t see as many movies this year as we have in just about any year in the past.. meaning: we see a LOT of movies, always. But this year didn’t see that many. And the ones we saw… none really grabbed me. I had no favorites. Furthermore, the biggest winner — Everything Everywhere All At Once — just did nothing for me.

Having now read a ton about many of the movies, and having now listened to hours of movie people talking about the importance and significance of every little thing, I could possibly watch some I missed and re-watch at least EEAAO. Maybe. I hate to be this out of step with current cultural thinking.

One thing I did love was this dance and song number. It goes with a movie called RRR, which I did not see (or even hear of). It won for best song. Yay.

I’d see this movie just for the dance. Fabulous!

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