Suspending Disbelief

March 10, 2023

Now for something different, and other-worldly, I guess.

Last night, Andy Jones, aka Dr. Andy, reprised his Pub Quiz, a Davis institution for at least a decade. It was a one-off, however, not a real return to what had been, for us, a hugely fun regular Monday night event for a couple/three years running. The whole thing took a giant pause due to the pandemic, as well as the sad fact De Veres, the pub where it took place, closed its doors. Last night’s pub quiz was mostly a fund raiser for the Smith-Lemli-Opitz Foundation, which does research and hopes to find a cure for a rare form of autism that Andy (and Kate’s) son Jukie lives with.

What made the fundraiser (it was also Andy’s birthday) so other-wordly was the fact it was held in the “Encounters UFO Xperience Alien Museum,”which for a limited time occupies the space where Cost Plus used to be. It’s sort of a pop up, traveling exhibit thingie. And it’s quite odd.

A couple specimens:

^^ That, of course, is ET, the extra-terrestrial. A little less cute than I remembered. I mean… moobs. And those cloven feet. Ew.

Throughout the museum, among other spacey, alien-y things, there were accounts of UFO sightings — over the course of centuries and all over the world — including an incidence in my very own Hermosa Beach, California in 2012!

I’m not NOT a believer. I’m quite open to the possibility (likelihood) of life elsewhere in the universe. I’ll just leave it at that.


Bill G joined Jim and me as we reprised the never-a-winner-but-not-the-worst-pub-quiz-team Irish for a Miracle! And as is our tradition, we finished middle-ish in the pack. If we’d have gone with my guess of The Tempest, and if we knew anything at all about the NFL (which we don’t), we’d have had a slightly higher score… and MAY have been vaulted into the winners’ circle… but that’s sort of the story of our pub quiz life… always a bridesmaid.

Had a GREAT time though.

One of the owners of the traveling UFO museum is also a comic book writer/artist (the Ranger Steve series? Ranger Somebody, anyway) and he sat in the shadows and drew a picture of Andy quiz-mastering the pub quiz:

A pretty decent rendering.

Looking forward to the day when our earthly pub quiz returns!

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