Yay Rain?

March 9, 2023

So, first off, I’ll just say I’m happy happy happy for the rain. Happy! Capital H! Soggy ground, swollen rivers, filling reservoirs, incredible snow pack. This will mean verdant, green hills. Fertile farm fields. Dewy, fresh flowers. Clean air. Nourished trees. And all kinds of happy fauna, too!

And.. sigh. I’m a wee tired of all the grey. Been so wet, so cold, so … like other parts of the country.

We have another atmospheric river, or two, or three, to go this round.

Did I say I’m happy for the rain? Good.

So… I’m looking out the back window.. and decided to turn our dreary backyard into something a little more bright and cheerful.. or at least interesting.

Thanks, Prisma.

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