‘Nuff Said

March 8, 2023

Most of the thinking world has known forever that Fox News is anything but. They’ve long been simply a propaganda machine for the GOP, mainly a mouthpiece for their main revenue generator: trump. They have long delivered the news their viewers wanted to hear, not the facts, not reality. The commentary these last couple weeks around the Dominion lawsuit has been rich. Not surprising but incredibly revealing nonetheless. For example: 1) Fox’s fear of losing revenue as their viewers found other conservative media outlets even more willing to elevate trump’s lies about the election; 2) and, in response, their desperate efforts stop the hemorrhaging by upping the lies; 3) Murdoch’s shocking comment about it being NOT about red or blue, but about green.

That was all fascinating enough. But then there were the revealed texts from yesterday that uncovered just exactly how snakes like Carlson really felt about their man trump.

Or this one:

Well. I could go on for pages and pages about this. I’m fascinated. I’m gleeful. I’m glad it’s come to light. I am also aware that Fox viewers will not hear about the Dominion lawsuit, nor will they ever see the texts or read the quotes. In fact, curiously, Carlson’s been doubling down on the lies in the last couple days. For example, he has selected clips from the 40,000 hours of Capitol security footage from Jan 6 (that McCarthy, shockingly, gave him and only him–another wild part of the story) and presented them on his show along with a phony narrative about peaceful, if curious, sightseers, suggesting the accounts of Jan 6 rioting is an exaggeration and mischaracterization of what really went on that day. He continues to stand behind the story that the election was stolen. Even as the text evidence shows he believed none of it. His doubling down is quite baffling at this stage.. as the defamation lawsuit against Fox rages on and the texts revealing his true beliefs have come out. I mean, wth.

They play a dangerous game. I guess time will tell if they will ever be held accountable.

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