Jim’s Favorite Spring Harbinger

February 20, 2023

This tree.. hmm… is it an almond? Whatever it is, it’s his favorite spring tree in his favorite alley. Its blooming every year makes me so happy because it makes him so happy. This photo is a bit disappointing; it doesn’t come close to capturing the loveliness of this alley and tree — honestly, it was far prettier in person — but I post it anyway.

The shadows are too dark and the detail in the tree is washed out. You have to imagine the quiet morning on our walk to an early Sunday brunch.. maybe add a bird or two chirping. The air is icy cold, but the sun is starting to warm things up. The sun was still low in the sky and the light through the alley was dappled. I love the tunnel effect of the canopied trees.. but that’s even hard to appreciate here. So: oh well.

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