Hey, Buddy

February 10, 2023

I was touched by a story yesterday.

A couple of police officers in Macomb County, MI are patrolling around and come upon a car that has pulled over on the side of a desolate, snowy road in the part of Michigan north of Detroit. They encounter a man who is crying and seemingly overcome emotionally. They ask if there is anything he needs, if they can help. He says he needs a hug. The distraught man climbs out of his car. A big burly officer gets out of the police car. The officer puts his hand on the guy’s shoulders and says something like he knows grief and they can get him some help if he needs it. The officer has a heavy midwestern accent. The distraught guy leans in and they hug. This is all caught on the other officer’s body worn camera.

I’m crying as I watch this.

They talk for 45 minutes (I think) and eventually offer a couple of numbers for the guy to call. As the story was reported, it sounds like the man was going through something bad… and was set on a better path by the organization he called. He might still be receiving some mental health services.

A good outcome.

I will just choose to hang on to the image of this.. the kindness; the lonely, sobbing guy on a remote wintry road; the large, burly, midwestern-accented officer who offered profound human connection.

This is the beautiful side of life and there is more of it than the other.


Not unrelated… the footage and the stories coming out of Turkey and Syria after the earthquake a few days ago… there is just no way to wrap my head around the size of that disaster and the immense loss and suffering. I’ve been watching that coverage and am overwhelmed by the horror in every corner of the story. Between yesterday and today, I’ve seen some rescues that are simply miraculous. Small children being pulled out from under mountains of concrete, somehow still alive, even through the freezing temps, and absence of food and water. It’s beyond comprehension. I am in awe of the rescue effort. Deeply grieving for the lives lost.

If you’re reading this (in real time), and can, send money.

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