Leave the Rest to Me

July 30, 2021

I just can’t.

[Whine alert.] I don’t wanna write about the most corrupt person ever to occupy the oval office.. but good effing lord. The depth of his corruption never ceases to amaze. I can believe it.. because it’s him… but then… I just can’t even fathom it. And always the question: at what point does the GOP say enough?

Probably at the same moment they accept the covid virus is going to doom their entire state and maybe a mask mandate’s in order?

Not expecting either.

Anyway… same old rant. [Whine over.]


Just so I remember what the quote in the title refers to when I (or someone) reads this blog post weeks (months, years) from now:

When the former president lost the election in November, he set out to discredit vote counting in all the states he lost. He’s still doing it. (He’s such a nauseating pos.) Months (a year? two years) before the election, he was already accusing the dems of cheating (classic projection, for which he’s famous). He was at work feverishly hatching his coup.. knowing there was a good chance he’d lose reelection. Since he lost, he’s been screaming voter fraud every time he opens his disgusting mouth (it truly is a disgusting mouth). He’s been working his base into a frothy, foamy tither, he’s been working the courts, he’s tried to cajole state election officials to reverse election results (just in his race, not the others, which in most cases were won by republicans), and he’s been dragging his every surrogate into the muck (they all know it’s BS but, you know, fear, power). And yesterday evidence came out that he’d been trying to strong arm the US Justice Department into lying about voter fraud.

Pages of notes were obtained from a guy named Richard Donoghue, an official in the Attorney General’s office, that revealed conversations where the loser president suggested, oh so casually, “Just say the election was corrupt and leave the rest to me.”

As if that wasn’t enough… he thought maybe an insurrection might be his ticket.

Well honestly. So preposterous it doesn’t deserve blog space. But here it is. I can still be stunned by this sad manchild.

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