Why’d the Turkey Cross the Creek?

July 29, 2021

Beats me. But here he is…getting to the other side.

I love the “you looking at me?” expression.

In other news… it was a beautiful sky this morning. I’m appreciating every day that we have blue skies — even if dotted with clouds. We are in the middle of fire season and, so far, we’ve not experienced any smoke from the many Northern California fires that are burning. Interestingly, in what seems like a fine development, all the smoke is blowing north and east… like, all the way to New England east. I’m sorry for them getting our smoke, but I can’t help but think it helps make the case that climate change is having horrifying impacts on everyone and fires are not just the west’s problem.

Anyway… a beautiful sky this morning.. and my favorite shot: right into the sun!

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