July 31, 2021

Susan just sent me a souvenir shot from… was it just last weekend? No… two weekends ago already? In any case… yo y pero. Deck. Upper Echo Lake.

I like Jesse. Jesse’s a very sweet dog.

It’s funny… the idea of having a dog is a bit abstract. Like, it seems like a wonderful idea! What’s not to like, how hard can it be? Peter’s out, dog is in to fill that empty nest. Right? My teeeny little guess is that there is not a dog in our future, at least not our immediate future. I don’t really know why, except maybe the idea of all the work.. house training, behavioral training, the messy messes, the difficulties traveling (like we travel a lot… certainly not these days).

But I gotta say… there is something about a creature.. and most especially a dog. I don’t imagine there’s companionship quite like a dog, and I also imagine the love exchanged is kind of what life is all about, right? Mutual caring, love, respect, loyalty, humor. It’s been probably close to 50 years since I’ve lived with a dog in the house. I actually have little doubt it’d be a life changing and life enriching addition to our household [she thinks out loud].

It’s a lot like the calculation that went into having a kiddo.

Well. Until that day comes.. we spent a couple of days with Susan and Jim’s dog. He was a real sweetheart.

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