Today’s Very Exciting Home Developments

April 14, 2021

I know. I promise I am paying attention to the George Floyd trial (rapt attention, as I have for weeks), and the manslaughter charges announced today in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, for the officer who accidentally (purportedly) shot and killed Daunte Wright just ten miles from where another police officer is being tried for murder in another senseless killing of a black man. This is just sickening, exhausting stuff. The injustices are profound.

American society is in a shambles. It’s vicious out there. Where is the decency, the morality? This is the only thing: our failures to protect one another, our failures to be compassionate.

We all have to pay attention, listen carefully, be open minded and open hearted. Learn a thing or two. I am doing that… with every fiber.



Life on A Street moves along.. today, two very exciting garden developments:

A poppy finally bloomed. We thought, perhaps, we’d not see any poppy flowers this year — maybe it was too much to expect from our first poppy plantings in the new yard iteration. But today..

And second exciting thing… Jim hung the hammock in the back of the backyard. That is a piece of beautiful, functional art!

(Can ya just imagine lying there?)

So… not earth shattering .. but we have to find joy in our own worlds.

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