Latest Developments

April 12, 2021

Today was a day of progress on numerous home & garden fronts:

Ruben and crew worked on the north front side yard. Yay! Cleared out a bunch of stuff, planted numerous plants, laid irrigation, and finally bark. Look at those hydrangeas…

And these things (fuzzy ferny things)…

That pretty much does that. [claps hands]

And then the front planter got planted with this reedy thing that is supposed to grow into something much much bigger…

(Let’s hope, right?)

And then, in the back yard, we moved the viking hammock from the deck to its new place in the corner. Advantages: 1) it’s so big that it crowds the deck, so this is a better place, and 2) we can now see it! We’ll have to figure out how to protect it from the rain and sun (a waterproof cover is in our future). Of course it will look even better when the hammock is onboard! I CANNOT WAIT to be lying and swaying in that thing!

And finally, Jim finished spuzzing up his antique survey tool. He’d have a more accurate name for it. It’s gorgeous and looks like the space was designed especially for it. It’s our new conversation piece.

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