Yesteryear Easters

April 4, 2021

Hi. How about some pics of Easters past? One realizes, when going back into the archives, that the egg hunt years occurred during a fairly brief time span (they probably correlate pretty closely to the trick-or-treat years). Funny, that. You sorta think they were defining and were a huge part of youth.

Anyway… a few from the digital archive (which more or less begins sometime in mid-ish 2001, when Peter was two-ish). One of these days, I’ll scan all the photos from the pre-digital era.

So, here’s Easter 2002 (Peter now 3 yrs old)… from the clothing, it looks like three different egg hunts.

This one looks like it could be the Mooney-McCarthy’s (see explanation in a later year) probably the Saturday before. (Nice bending from the hips, P!)

And what a haul…

This is Easter morning at our house.. hunt for the big basket. Usually, there was a clue that sent him on the hunt for this…

Got it!

And later in the day in the backyard… undoubtedly with Jocelyn..

Okay.. and now some 2003 (Peter’s 4 years old). Also a three hunt year… this was down at the Kashyap/Petersons in Pleasanton…

This was at our house, hunting for the big basket in the morning…

Then over to the Cavins to collect with Jocelyn…

2004 (now 5 years old), there was a big basket hunt, per tradition, at our house…

And later, a hunt with Jocelyn, a multi-year Easter co-conspirator..

And… 2005, this was again with the Kashyap/Petersons, this time in Tahoe (with skiiing and lots of snow…)

(Well… maybe not that much fun!)

Heidi always makes it fun…

In 2006, this is at the Mooney-McCarthy’s… kids are definitely getting older (now 7 years old) and now we’re leaning more toward a Solstice Celebration… (yep, those are compost bins). I’m pretty sure we were at the M-M’s over the course of many years.. 4-5.. but don’t seem to have pics at the ready for those years. They were elaborate: we’d deliver tiny items to Samantha days in advance (hair gizmos, coins, candies, tiny toys & trinkets) and, if we had them, dozens of empty plastic eggs. She’d stuff them and hide them. There were always a ton of families and kids, in a beautiful garden with great food. This tradition petered out probably around 9 or 10 years old.

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