One More Time, With Feeling

December 18, 2020

I think it’s safe to say that grassroots activism is finally winding down.. again. We thought we had sprinted to a triumphant end on November 3, but we were wrong. We thought the Nov 3rd election would bring an end (for this round) to our collective, substantial work, and we could just celebrate our victories up and down the ballot. But not just yet.

While we won the big one, and held the house (barely), the Senate did not go our way.


Turns out none of the four Senate candidates vying for two seats in Georgia earned the requisite 50% of the vote, and that forced two runoff elections, scheduled for January 5.

This presents both challenge (ugh! more postcards, calls, texts, money, time) and opportunity (dems could possibly win both seats, bringing the count in the Senate to 50-50.. a much better prospect for the Biden-Harris agenda (and of course a much better world for all of us).

It’s so worth fighting for.

Therefore… we are still at it.

But man…. having spent the better part of this election/pandemic year (not even counting the three before that) writing postcards ’til our hands could barely unfurl themselves, calling ’til our ears had turned to cauliflowers, texting ’til I don’t know what… the idea that our work was not yet done was not that welcome.

I personally have not yet been able to bring myself to make a single call. I’m not altogether sure the voters of Georgia can handle any more calls either. I decided I’d rather send postcards… this seemed less intrusive, less threatening, maybe more effective and, for me, a lot less stressful. I got a good batch out a couple weeks ago, and worked on another 35 today (one batch for Flip the West, one batch for Tony the Democrat).

Just two and a half more weeks ’til the election. We can do anything for just 2 1/2 weeks.. ya? Maybe even a phone call or two…

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