Home for the Holidays, Pandemic-Style

December 17, 2020

Add to the long list of things in our life that are different this year: the annual Home for the Holidays concert. The HFTH concert is definitely on our list of favorite annual holiday traditions; glad we didn’t have to miss it! This was the 17th annual, and we’ve been to probably 16, maybe 15 of those… including tonights online version. My old org stepped up and made it happen (good for them) and the production was quite watchable.. and thankfully familiar!

When Jim and I weren’t stuffing our holiday cards into, and affixing stamps onto, envelopes, we were doing this:

(That’s Dave Nochmanoff.)

Because it was online, Bill Fairfield had the ability to add a few musicians from faraway (like Marcia Ball who recorded her segments from Texas). But for my money, and Jim’s too, it was the regulars that we really enjoyed:

Missed Charlie Baty (Little Charlie and the Nightcats), who passed away this year (so sad) and the Mumbo Gumbo women–Tracy Walton and Chris Webster–who mix and match with numerous HFTH regulars, but who were not in the virtual version of the concert for some reason.

Anyway.. t’was a worthwhile couple of hours. Missed sitting in the front row of the Vet’s Theater with the Cavins-O’Hanleighs, (and Peter, of course), as is our tradition. Next year for sure.

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