On Winter’s Precipice

December 13, 2020

It’s raining today, and I just could not be happier. Well.. I could be, I suppose, but I’m relieved. The backyard with its new plants looks all dark and moistily content. We’ve been in a long, record-breaking dry spell. I was reading up on La Ninas–since that’s the weather pattern this part of the world seems to be settling into for the winter–and learning nothing conclusive. Could be colder, could be warmer, could be wetter, could be dryer… I read all of that.

So. Rain today. I’ll take it. Super cozy hereabouts.


Earlier this week, on a walk with Vicki, it wasn’t raining. We took a little time with our cameras at the lake part of our walk. Here’s a shot of me (thanks, Vicki!):

And here are the shots I was working on:

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