Not All is Lost

December 13, 2020

Last night’s rant was pictureless.. so here are a few photos from yesterday that remind me that the day was more than its rant:

I mentioned that I’d had a two-plus-hour-long Zoom conversation with Peter. A huge part of the conversation was about math problems and statistics because that’s what he loves talking about, which both amuses and fascinates me. I love screen capturing him in full teaching mode.

We get a lot of info on the ins and outs of his research, and I think Jim and I are learning a lot about fluid dynamics and turbulence. A skillful parent can also sneak in questions about coop life, their kid’s diet, his social circles, pronouns, driving in ice.. All the feels.

Yesterday’s conversation also featured a drama. Like his mom, Peter is deathly afraid of beetles, ESPECIALLY flying beetles. Apparently, there is a particular beetle, native to Michigan, that is quite common, and which flies [grammatical sidebar: I just used that and which in a single sentence and honestly don’t know which one is correct]. He noticed it while we were talking, leapt out of his chair and scurried to find something to contain it. This beetle cannot be smashed as it reportedly stinks to high heaven… so best to capture and release.

The whole chaotic operation of which I got to witness.

This wasn’t the first beetle he had to deal with on a Zoom call. The first time it happened, he had a small jar available (an empty edibles jar, as it turns out), which worked well (it would be way too up-close for me). This time, he had only the lid to a box available. He was so hysterical I’m not sure how he managed, but he got the beetle to climb onto the box lid and then he pitched it out the window (into the 30-degree air). (Then he had to go outside to get the box.) The whole thing was creepy, but entertaining (and hilarious).


The latter part of the afternoon, what was left of it, was also pleasant… decided to bake cookies after all. While I won’t be mass producing and delivering, per tradition, I will make batches to include in packages I’m sending to family members.

T’was a much smaller operation than usual, but made about 7-8 dozen cookies.

And it felt Christmassy and nice.

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