2020-Style Halloween

October 31, 2020

This Halloween will stand out as being weird on so many levels. It’s a 2020 kinda Halloween, which is to say: messed up. Bummer on bummer.

Halloween in the time of a pandemic. People get creative. There was Heidy K’s candy-pult (candy sling shot). Loved that idea, if brutal. Then there was my dear Ann Arbor friends, Lisa and Claire, who displayed Covid-protected pumpkins and disbursed candy–a gentler approach–like this:

Another interpretation of Coronavirus pumpkin, from Sac buddies Randy & Sue:

Then, sweet homages to RBG… if I knew of three, there must have been gazillions across the country.

Here’s a friend of a friend of a friend’s (clever right down to the background and candy bar):

This is my second cousin twice removed, Kameron (note the gloves):

And this is the, ahem, dog of one of my fella phonebankers:

No one bit silly.

This, I thought, was a funny idea (tongue in cheek) from yet another fella phonebanker (though has nothing to do with covid, RBG or elections):

And this one defines my whole day today (and the next two and a half)… a phonebanking Call-a-Palooza, graphic by the ever talented Karen:

Got a new personal best for phonebank calls in a single day — I called 85 voters in Iowa today! Which is impressive considering most of my call time was taken up with training (five hours worth). We should call this day Calloween (a pun I can’t take credit for, but love).

Jim bought multiple bags of candy (which is his annual unnecessary ritual since we never get but a few kids each year and it’s his excuse to buy great gobs of candy that he justifies eating because he buys it for the tricker treaters), even though we knew we’d have zero kids this year. And I didn’t put out Halloween decorations… because nothing feels normal and I just completely forgot. We didn’t even get a pumpkin.

Sorry kids. You deserve a better president.

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