Phone Bank Jigsaw Club

October 25, 2020

Well, we don’t really have a phone bank jigsaw club, but there is a mini trend wending its way through the regular phone bankers… a bunch of us are multi-tasking during the phone banks, and it’s either cooking or putting together a jigsaw puzzle.

Today the calls came so fast, that I managed a mere six pieces in my whole two-hour session.. and those were distracting enough. I think I left a lot of funny messages.. at least slightly disjointed.

Here’s a funny: as I was leaving a message — which I could do in my sleep (that said, I deliver it differently each and every time) — I discovered an edge piece. This caused me to gasp in the middle of my message. The funny thing about finding an edge piece is that I’d completed the entire perimeter yesterday. I’d already created the perfect square — no gaps — and, yet, here was another edge piece. No idea what that will sound like to the poor Kansas voter who will listen, I presume, to my message sometime today… and will hear that gasp.

(Turns out, it wasn’t the perfect square after all; it was, in fact, missing a piece. I had pressed two pieces together that didn’t quite go.. though it was SO CLOSE. But, my newly discovered piece was definitely the Cinderella slipper.

Here is my set up.. which will be my set up for the next nine days of phone banking!

My goal is to finish this puzzle by election day. It’s quite challenging, I must say.

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