Facsimile Fun

October 20, 2020

I think I mentioned in a recent past blog that Peter’s actual, real diploma finally arrived. This seemed like a good excuse for a little celebration..

So… Jim scanned the diploma for me and I goofed around with it.

I made some diploma wrapping paper:

That’s our family’s favorite gift box, recycled often, making an appearance at most Christmases and lots of birthdays. It’s become an ongoing joke because it never contains an Apple product, in spite of the promise of such. But it’s a great size for a t-shirt or two (which is exactly what went in the box this time around).

For this gift, I wrapped just the box top… and added ribbon:

Then made a little card… also with diploma theme (pretty cute, huh?):

Can you tell I’m quite taken with my little diploma idea?????? Yep. Shamelessly so. I’ve decided, apparently, that’s it’s even blog-worthy. (Which prolly explains my blog’s minuscule readership.)

Anyway, Jim and I sent these diploma-themed items off with some other miscellaneous items in a care package that arrived in Ann Arbor a few days ago. We happened to be on a Facetime call with Peter as he was arriving home and finding the package on his stoop. He opened it while we watched from afar… which was kinda fun! Peter commented that the package seemed… soggy… that maybe it’d gotten rained on or something. Turns out, the mini-split of celebration champagne that we’d included in the box broke, soaking some of the contents… but fortunately, since it was at the bottom of the box, all’s that got wet were the packing peanuts and the packing box. The diploma box was spared (and will be available for future gifts!).

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