Feathered Creatures

October 13, 2020

I’m in need of levity.

I follow a wonderful group on Facebook… it’s called Crap Wildlife Photography, and is supposed to be the wildlife “misses” we all experience when photographing animals. And there are some hilarious misses. But just as often, somebody’s miss is a true gem.. like this one. Credit to a person named Ellen Hickey.

I took a few photos this morning down at the arb with Vicki…

There is this cormorant, who we think is drying its wings (look carefully). He/she stands on this floating hunk of wood pretty much all the time.

Then there’s the turkey gauntlet we run these days. This rafter seems to have taken up residence at Lake Spafford. We came upon a few on the lake side, a few more in the tree, and others just strutting around underfoot

And then finally, this one.. which has no feathered creatures–unless you count that feathery native grass–but I thought it was pretty.

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