A Beautiful Day to Change America

October 11, 2020

California sent out its ballots — one to every single registered voter in the state — on Monday. Here’s Jim on Wednesday, getting ready to head across the street to City Hall to drop his off in the Yolo County Elections Office Drop Box:

It took me a few more days to figure out how to vote on the propositions and finish filling in my ballot, including last night’s Ballot and Beer party. And then reading and re-reading the instructions. I feel like I messed up my signature, but I’ll keep an eye on my ballot online.. to make sure it gets there and is accepted.

Like…. I was so nervous, this was the best I could do.. what in the world happened to “Peterson?!”

But man, what a great feeling.

Even better, though, was the drop box part. Here’s the drop box:

Here’s me at the drop box… and just so ya know, there is a big smile under that mask.

And, omg, here’s the official act:

One can feel pretty silly documenting this whole process with a series of selfies… and I do… glad nobody else was around. But, OTOH, this is one hell of an important vote and holy hell, it better result in a resounding victory for decency, truth and the American Way.

Or I just don’t know what.

Not going to think about it.

I can’t tell you how enormously liberating it feels to get my ballot in 3 weeks ahead of the election. Like.. I’m done. I’ve voted. The weight of the last four years has felt huge and the lifting of that weight feels glorious. It’s one person, one vote, all I can do, all anyone can do. If we all did, he’d be gone. I hope enough of us do by Nov 3.

What a beautiful day to cast a ballot!

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