My Day Was Made..

October 9, 2020

… getting to talk to this guy….

Who called while he was out on a walk, and gave us a nice tour around A2 and its turning leaves, shimmery Huron River and lovely wooded parks!

I was in a blah mood, but that turned into smiles and lightness the second he called. Thanks, honey!

Coincidentally, I’d scanned some Peter pics this morning that had been sitting in a little pile on a shelf in my office for .. gosh .. quite awhile. He’d been on my mind.

Check out these gems:

I couldn’t love this picture more. Snot and all.

His nascent climbing career…

One of the few times we went camping. The fact we didn’t camp often had nothing to do with the dirt-factor. Really.

I believe that yellow bucket’s full of berries (I’m seeing evidence of berry stain in P’s hair, now that I look carefully… and not surprised).

I believe Pam took this picture.

My goodness.. that translucent skin. So alabaster.

3 Responses to “My Day Was Made..”

  1. Vicki Crescitelli Says:

    So love the photos! Priceless!

  2. Vicki Crescitelli Says:

    So love the photos! Priceless!

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