October 1, 2020

Well, well.

I’m not a big enough person to hear this news and not go to all the places one might go if one feels the way so many of us do about this awful, awful man.

I’m not going to say all the things I’m thinking, but, wow, I’m thinking them.

Wondering about, in no particular order: rest of campaign; the debates; who else in his inner circle is infected; how far his network of infectees extends… Pence, McConnell, Amy Coney Barrett; what happens to the confirmation process; when/if the transfer of power from Trump –> Pence –> Nancy occurs; whether he infected Biden; whether he’ll get symptoms; what about his co-morbidities; will he change his tune; how will this impact the election and public sentiment; will he be held accountable for all the pandemic lying; how did he justify continuing to campaign, including indoor fundraiser even after knowing he’d been exposed.

Maggie Haberman at NYT is already asking the question: should he remain on the ballot?

Hm. That seems 1) like too much wishful thinking; 2) like it gives him too easy an escape route (he needs to suffer a humiliating defeat at the ballot box).

Other than that, I’ll sit tight with everyone else for additional news.

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