Student’s Gotta Have an ID

July 18, 2020

Day #3 of Peter being home …

… and we are sca-rambling to pull it all together for a camping trip  (leave tomorrow, as early as we can push off).  Packing for our annual Yosemite trip involves the usual assembling of mountains of hiking and outdoor gear .. but since we’re camping this year instead of staying in tent cabins, preparing for this trip also included the excavating of long-stored camping bins (that have moved all over the place during the last year because of the house and garage remodel). We had to empty the bins and assess .. so that was yet another layer of organizing.

We are fine-tuning our strategies both for what we’ll take for an estimated five days (estimated because, I mean, what if we hate camping? Or can’t find a camp spot, or the mosquitoes are bad or the forests start burning…) and how in the world we’ll get it all into the car. This undertaking also includes meal planning .. which .. we’re finding ourselves sort of unprepared for.

[Jim and I are apparently in denial that we are actually camping, after two decades of tent cabins. Glamping, some call it — a bed, a wood burning stove, a bathroom with showers and electricity, all meals prepared (and cleaned up) by lodge chefs and helpful staff — is just very nice.. but not to be during a global pandemic.]

And… because Peter’s just come home, we were also dealing with great piles of unwashed clothing and even greater piles of belongings spilling out of Peter’s room and strewn throughout the hallway, his bathroom, the living room, kitchen and laundry room… stuff he’d accumulated over his four years at UCSD.

Shocked I don’t have a photo of all this.

So, anyway. In the middle of this house pandemonium and camping mobilizing, Peter says he’s got to send a photo off to UMich for his student ID card. Could we please take a nice photo? That was a lot more fun, I gotta say. Took many dozens, in different shirts, with different backgrounds and even different cameras.


I think he went with the upper right one.


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