It’s a Lot

July 15, 2020

  • Chris had a stroke. He’s at Torrance Memorial for at least a night for testing. He seemed very perky on the phone, he feels fine, there appears to be no damage. Cardiologist is on his way. He’s wondering… heart attack and stroke in the last week… what in the world is next? Chris says, “Something’s wrong with Chris.”


  • Michael’s biopsy revealed multiple myeloma. They will begin aggressive treatment and he’ll be a person who is living with and managing cancer from here on out. Simultaneously, Matt’s dealing with his own forever condition that will require lifelong management. Matt says, “We all have something.”


  • Peter’s due home in an hour. We haven’t seen him since mid February. He left La Jolla yesterday morning. Moved out, done with that part of his life. He called when he was passing Harris Ranch on his way to Berkeley to pick up a friend for a couple of days of Sierra backpacking. He pinged us when they settled for the night (about 8pm) (always thrilling), somewhere in the high Sierra. He called a little while ago to say they bailed out due to weather; he was dropping Ryan off in Berkeley again and coming home. I am besides myself to see him. And… we need to distance and practice safe togetherness. Anxious about that. Significant risk management ahead.


  • Jim, Peter and I are planning on a trip to the high Sierra to hike.. and presumably to camp somewhere outside the park. Leave on Sunday. We just can’t miss a summer in Yosemite.  Eager to spend days off the grid, in the mountains, hiking and being together with my guys (but not too together). It won’t be our usual Tuolumne Meadows experience. I am quite apprehensive. See above.


  • When we return, Peter will begin the enormous job — both logistically and emotionally —  of packing and planning his cross country move to Michigan to begin a whole new chapter in his life story. A significant blind dive into a new life. During a pandemic. So. Much. Uncertainty.


That is just a lot of stuff going on. I actually don’t have a photo that goes with all of that.

I do have a pic of our tent. Jim found it and set it up yesterday. It’s a tiny bit worse for wear (though not much wear in the last 15 years, maybe more). But we think it’ll work for Jim and me.. we may have Peter bring his own tent! See above.