Seems Like Old Times

July 16, 2020

Oh my god, it’s good to have Peter home. Some shots:

Within, I’d say, 6 minutes of arriving (at 12:45am by the way), Peter found his way to the piano and begin playing through his repertoire. Even though late, I plunked down to listen and stare adoringly (out of view, I hope). I snuck this pic.


He’s also been playing a lot of guitar in the last 24 hours since he’s been home. This was taken by Wes down in La Jolla a week ago, but it’s a familiar sight hereabouts:


And the usual discourses.. this one on that classic “100 prisoners problem.”

The 100 prisoners problem is a mathematical problem in probability theory and combinatorics. In this problem, 100 numbered prisoners must find their own numbers in one of 100 drawers in order to survive. The rules state that each prisoner may open only 50 drawers and cannot communicate with other prisoners. At first glance, the situation appears hopeless, but a clever strategy offers the prisoners a realistic chance of survival. Danish computer scientist Peter Bro Miltersen first proposed the problem in 2003.

He lives for this kind of stuff. If you want to know how to solve it:


It took Peter a few days, but he did solve it and explains to Jim here:


Jim looks like he’s going to wring the life out of that polkadot napkin.