Bev Turned 90

July 11, 2020

I made the realization the other day that nobody on the planet has known me as long as Beverly Osborne. That’s quite a distinction. She and Ed were neighbors of mom’s and dad’s on 39th Street in Manhattan Beach. Mom always told a funny story about Bev walking right in while mom was on a ladder painting the tiny living room of their new beach bungalow and, marching right to the base of that ladder said, “Hi, I’m Bev!” And a lifelong friendship was born (nearly 65 years ago!). Fred and Betty Hesse, who lived across the street, were the third of what became a three-family cohort.

That beach bungalow was my first house.

After a year of starting-out-in-life-young-family get togethers, the three families scattered to bigger, fancier homes in Southern California, but remained close friends. The get togethers continued for decades — legendarily the annual Christmas Eve gatherings — until, one-by-one, the six parents started passing away. Now only Bev remains.

Between the Peterson four, the Osborne three and the Hesse six, there were a lot of children (nine girls and four boys) with whom to form another generation of life-long friendships. And we did just that.

So, back to Bev… she was there for the very, very first moments of my life on earth.  She’s sort of my honorary mom.

And zounds!, Bev turned 90 today! We all had all planned to attend the 90th birthday party today.. but for the pesky pandemic.  A beach house had been rented, some plane tickets had been purchased… but… it was not to be. Instead, the Hesse girls, Betsy and Bev, and I (and some of our significant others) gathered for a Zoom birthday party.. funny hats were donned, Happy Birthday was sung.

From top left: Karen Hesse (Reno); us; Vicki Hesse and Leah (Detroit); Claire and Lisa Hesse (Ann Arbor); Lauren Hesse (Mapleton, Or); Bev (Betsy’s in the square, but off camera); and Leslie Hesse (Norway).

Screen Shot 2020-07-11 at 11.20.42 AM

So, while we couldn’t be there, the Osborne clan threw an in-person party for their immediate family members. I can’t name them all, but Bev and her three daughters (and assorted spouses, children, and I believe Bev’s brother) are pictured here.

osborne clan

Grateful for the history we share.

Fun fact: When Peter moves to Ann Arbor, he may get a chance to form some cross-generational connections with Lisa, Vicki and their significant others! So the tradition just may continue at least a little.

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