Throw Back Wednesday

July 8, 2020

It’d be #TBT if I waited another 25 minutes, but then I’d have missed a Wed post. As if I gotta explain myself.

Still have Chris on my mind. He’s home now. Kind of shocks me, but maybe it’s better to be out of the hospital, no matter. Still haven’t spoken to him, but Matt has, numerous times, and has been keeping me posted. Feel a bit cheated… I’d really like to hear his voice. Maybe tomorrow.

Anyway, it was a good excuse to do a mini-deep dive into the basket of ancient photo albums I gathered from mom’s place before we sold the house. It’s my sisterly job to scan them all and provide a nice, collated file for J, C and M. Three years and counting…. I’ll be getting right on it (maybe after the election!).

So.. for fun… a few of the cute ones I turned up of the young, precocious Chris. I had a few others, but experienced scan failure, so this will do for now.

Jay (no idea what’s going on here.. looks like he stuffed something down his coveralls), me and Chris. No Matt on the scene yet.



Love the cowboy boots.



Cutie pie:



Somewhere in Rolling Hills..



And, while blurry, so typical teenage Chris:



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