On This Day in ….

June 3, 2020

I couldn’t figure out what to write about and I’m pooped and want to call it a day.. so I decided to look for a photo from this day in a past year.. any year.. as long as it was taken on June 3rd and was reasonably interesting. I found plenty that weren’t.

Seriously, there is so much going on.. no shortage of things happening this week, this month, this year that will, without a doubt, make the history books. More than that.. whole books will be written about this time. We are living historical moments — it is astonishing .. each and every day. So, yes, there are things to think and write about.

But I’m bleary and weary at this moment. If I was anymore awake, I’d like nothing better than one of my fall back escapes… plug into some music, swing in the hammock and play Spider.. but I’m about to fall over.

So.. I found a photo from June 3, 2011 (random, I know). It’s on a day we were doing some work in the front yard. I chose it because it’s such a huge contrast to what our front yard looks like now.. which is leveled — a blank slate — as we ready it for a whole new front yard. And, as of a few days ago, our back yard has been leveled, too. It’s startling, but exciting.

Anyway… June 3rd nine years ago…


And June 3rd today….


The two signs are sitting on what once was a stone path.. the path you see in the photo from 2011.

Everything has changed… including the signs. The one thing that is in both pictures, besides Peter’s sycamore tree, is the boulder wall. And that will remain in the next iteration of the yard.


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