Day #95

June 16, 2020

Still social distancing, still wearing masks in public, still wearing masks if somebody (like Wally the concrete guy) comes over to talk to me, still not hanging around in cafes (but will sit outside nowhere near anybody else), still not traveling, still not getting massages (but still paying for them). Additionally, haven’t had a haircut since Feb 18, haven’t put gas in my car since probably early March, haven’t seen a movie in a theater (obvs), haven’t had an in-person meeting (but average about 7-8 Zooms per week).

Probably the biggest line we’ve crossed is having Miguel come to clean the house. That’s now happened twice… and I gotta say… whew, enormously grateful for Miguel.


Stay-mostly-at-home-mostly-isolated Day #95.

A nice pic from the arb a few days ago: