Coffee with a Side of Hand Sanitizer

June 2, 2020

For better or for worse–and I honestly have no feeling for which way this goes–things are opening up in Davis. I trust the Yolo County Health Dept, which gets its directives from Gov Newsom, adapted for the data points in our area.

I sense that it’s best for the region (and the state, and the country) at large if we open up, all things considered. The people in charge have way more factors to consider than we individuals… they’re balancing all interests (including economic).  Prolly best for the whole, even as it’s potentially not great for those who get it. It’s potentially as brutal for Jim or me today as it was two months ago. No change whatsoever.. if you get it. So, while it’s still a risky proposition to get the virus (for some), our health systems will be able to deal better with the people who do get sick. And by and large, because of masks and distancing, hand sanitizers and/or handwashing, transmission rates are lower. We’ve also figured out some facts about transmission.. like if you’re outside where the virus can disburse more easily, or if the total time of your interaction with another person is limited (turns out you need to be exposed to somebody else’s air for a long time, like 10-15 minutes in order to transmit a critical volume of the virus) then your chances of the virus taking hold is far less.

So if they say it’s okay to open things up a bit.. okay. Sorta. I’ll still play by most of the rules.. but will roll the dice a teeny, tiny bit–sit at a table somebody else sat at earlier or touch something somebody else with the virus may have touched. Chances of transmission are pretty low, though.

It was startling to walk past Burgers and Brew this afternoon and see restaurant patrons sitting at tables on the sidewalk.  And cars. And homeless people are back.

With that, I’ve spent a few hours over the last two days actually sitting at a sidewalk table outside Mishka’s, actually drinking an au lait and eating a poppyseed muff. In public. How normal is that? Extra enjoyable, too. Like, who knew that sitting outside Mishka’s drinking coffee, listening to music and playing Spider could be THAT MUCH FUN?


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