Waffle Love

May 10, 2020

Jim made us waffles this morning and made his 22nd annual Mother’s Day card and picked some flowers and it was all very sweet and wonderful.




And we missed Peter like crazy… he IS the reason for the day, right?  Without him, there’s no Mother’s Day. He’s the light of our lives.

Reminded me of a waffle Sunday long ago… Jim was waffle man back then, too (of course). He made a waffle house for Peter; check out this masterpiece!


This was before barnyard animal waffles!

It was so funny.. Peter called this afternoon (so wonderful) and I mentioned his waffle house of yesteryear… and he did not remember (he was five). I sent him this picture and he loved it.

Love him so, so much. It is my life’s joy to be his mom.





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