Day #61

May 13, 2020

Where are we today?

Trump and his right wing loony tunes media have fully turned on the scientists. Fauci, in the last couple days, has become the scapegoat for the administration’s failed response (right up there with China and Obama). Fox personalities decry, “He’s not even an elected official! How can we trust his advice!”  It’d be great satire, except it’s not. And, it appears, the administration is dragging its feet on the release of the CDC guidelines for states’ reopening. They may never release them. They want to leave no trail of accountability, I guess. They may not follow up on any large scale roll out of testing and tracing. They are working to suppress the release of death data in certain regions. It all just piles up… the crazy chaos; the whole inept, dysfunctional, incompetent circus. Textbook Trump.

So.. Mother’s Day .. three days ago .. He spends (I hear) the entire day watching TV (as usual) and rage tweeting — something like a tweet every 7.5 minutes. His usual angry, aggrieved, petty, petulant self.  He made accusations against everybody, and including journalists (of course), even suggesting one was a murderer, and he (yawn) blamed Obama for everything (again) and even accused him of committing the worst crime in history (OBAMAGATE!), though has yet to explain what, exactly, Obama did. (In a press briefing yesterday, when asked what crime Obama committed, he sneered smugly, “You know what he did, everyone knows.”)

Not that I read a single one of his Mother’s Day Marathon of stupid tweets, but I heard that he said nothing about the people who have died or about assuring the country that he recognizes the pain people are going through and that he’s got a plan… or anything leadership-y like that.  To anyone who still supports him (mystifying), is this really what you want from a president during a pandemic in which tens and tens of thousands of people are dying and the economy is collapsing? Is this the steady moral leadership you feel comfortable with? He who routinely overrules the experts. Can you trust him with your life? I sure don’t.


How’s about some memes:

idiot strikes again


My bad.. that’s not a meme… it’s real life communique from the president*… spelling and grammatical errors, and all. It’s a beaut.

And.. messaging straight from — or at least encouraged by — the Oval office:

dont tread on me

His in-plain-sight priority:

stock market


Screen Shot 2020-05-11 at 9.43.56 AM

Really. I’ve had it with the conspiracy guys who think this is all somehow a big giant infringement on their freedoms.. and think the mask wearers are brainwashed sheeple. We are fearful and weak!

Enough of that.

Here are some funny takes on the state of our lives right now…

Screen Shot 2020-05-13 at 5.25.29 PM


Life is one great big zoom call…






And my favorite: