Here’s to You, Mom

May 9, 2020

She’d have been 91 today. I’ve been thinking about her all week. May’s kind of her month.

The young mom.. probably about 25. I’m going to guess this is in Manhattan Beach —  a photo taken sometime just after they’d relocated so dad could take the job at TRW. It’s probably before I’m born (she was 26 when I came along).


Here’s one, age 84, enjoying the view of that ocean like nobody’s business…

IMG_8131 2

And here’s one just a few months before she died. I think she’d be bummed that I chose one of her in that wheelchair… but I wanted a photo at the beach as close to the end of her life as possible and this was a good one. She was not proud of that wheelchair, but it made covering a lot of distance so much easier… and that part she liked.


Jim and I had “mom’s chicken” tonight in her honor. As much as I use all the right ingredients, I can’t seem to duplicate the flavors.. but I’ll keep working at it.

The wine was actually hers. I grabbed the bottle as we were closing up the house.. she just loved this inexpensive Riesling from Trader Joe’s.


It’s just ridiculous how much I miss her. (I know it’s not ridiculous, but it sure catches me by surprise.)

To you, mom.


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