A Day

October 26, 2016


The beach played only a small role in our day. Even so, I give the day an A rating. I’d have given it an A+ if I hadn’t screwed up the butternut squash and apple dish I made.

What made it good? Mom had high energy and a great attitude. We had a good outing of errands and had fun decorating the house a little for halloween (just a little).  We enjoyed the World Series (Cubs won 5-1), watched a Coen brothers movie (Raising Arizona), played tons of gin rummy, and she told me some stories I hadn’t heard… some sad, some great (I’m writing them down, don’t worry). And as a bonus, no kerfuffles with Eppie. I was a rock star daughter, and that feels good.

Will shoot for an A tomorrow, too.






2 Responses to “A Day”

  1. Teresa Cheyney Says:

    We’re watching the World Series as well and rooting for the Cubs!

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